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Sleep on It ™️

Night-time CBD softgels
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Ease your way into sleep with Sleep On It™ Night-time Softgels. Our softgels contain ashwagandha, which is a natural stress reliever, perfect for relaxing the mind before bed. The night-time CBD terpene mix joins with the ashwagandha to amplify a sense of wellbeing as you turn out the lights.

Ingredients: Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract + natural adaptogens + terpene mix

30 Softgels / 1500 mg CBD TOTAL 

1 softgel / 50 mg CBD Hemp Extract + 2 mg Hemp Extract Derived THC

Sized for easy swallowing

Power-packed ashwagandha formula

CBD capsules & softgels without any taste of hemp

  • Great Customer Service

How to use/Suggested Use

Organic ingredients

Botanical benefits

Farming + Extraction

Health + Safety

Testing + Certification


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Definite help with my insomnia!

Sleep On It™ Night-time Softgels have been an absolute lifesaver for my longtime insomnia! I've struggled to find a solution that truly works, and these softgels have exceeded my expectations.

I've noticed a significant improvement in my ability to ease into sleep, and the best part is waking up feeling genuinely refreshed and renewed.

If you're looking for a natural and effective way to improve your sleep quality, these are a game-changer. Sweet dreams await!

Just what the body needs

I love the sleep gels. I take one on my nights off from work to help me relax and recharge. It has this calming feeling once it kicks in that I feels signals me to just stay in bed and sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed.

Slept like a baby!

I'm new to CBD, and these work!! They are definitely potent! If you use them the correct way, you will enjoy the benefits! If you're going to sleep, you must have the self-control to be off your screens and let the CBD kick in. Trust me, if you force yourself to stay up even as you are yawning, you will not have the full experience. For my night routine, these are a game-changer as they allow me to relax and dose off. When I wake up in the morning, I feel alert, rested, and not groggy at all. If you have trouble falling asleep, I recommend implementing these into your routine!

Quality sleep Quality product

This is such a nice UPGRADE to the melatonin I used to take get some sleep. Much nicer results for sure! Provides a smooth natural sleep as well an amazing relaxed feeling!

Just what I needed

I tried the night time soft gel last night. I woke up feeling so good! I was able to calm my thoughts and sleep the way I needed to. It allowed me to just rest. I felt calmer and more relaxed. Looking forward to taking another tonight!

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