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from the soil
to the city.

our process.

every ounce of hustle + flo™ CBD gets its start in the soils of Tricolla Farms, in the southern tier of New York.

to feed their hemp right, Tricolla feeds the soil first—introducing certified organic composts, nutrients and custom-blended compost teas that in turn provide plants with the proper nutrients.

an underground, drip irrigation system sends water and feedings directly to the root system, and as a result, Tricolla uses 40-60% less water than traditional irrigation—with better results.

every hemp plant is planted and harvested by hand, then hang-dried in order to develop and retain the terpenes.

after harvest, all stalks, stems, and branches that can't be used in product become compost, then reenter the fields the following year.

Tricolla Farms protects the land by rotating their fields, introducing cover crops that they do not harvest, and giving farming plots time to rest and recover naturally before replanting.

finally, Tricolla farms processes very small amounts with cutting edge CO2 extraction, using only what we need to sustain hustle + flo™ products.

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